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You can find what exotic/reptile vets are near you by checking the RCVS registrer . They will be able to put you in touch with any local reptile rescues they may work with or perhaps may even know a good home looking for turtles. As well, they may allow you to advertize that these wee ones need home in their waiting room to get the word out that they are needing a home.

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If you are no longer able to be responsible for your pet turtle or tortoise, you can surrender your animal into our adoptions program. We can’t take all turtles all the time, so contact us to see. Here are alternate reptile rescue options. We …

Where Can I Take My Unwanted Turtle Adoption

Where Can I Take My Unwanted Turtle? [Adoption & Rescue]

You should definitely visit your local Petco and see whether they’d want to take your unwanted turtle off your hands. If they can’t take your turtle themselves, Petco has a pet adoption program that connects people who want to adopt …

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Move the turtle to the side he was headed toward. Set him a few feet from the road. Let him go about his turtle way. These turtles are wild animals that are used to living in the wet lands around the road where you found him. Leave him in the wild. If you want to have a turtle for a pet, visit a pet store.

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Giving up your Turtle

If You Need To Rehome A Turtle Or If You Want To Adopt A Turtle

If You Need to Rehome a Turtle or If You Want to Adopt a Turtle

When we adopt a turtle into our collection it must go through a minimum 2 month quarantine and adjustment period before being introduced to any of our setups. This is stressful for the turtle but a necessary part of safe interaction. While we won’t accept sliders, sulcata or snapping turtles, we will accept most other species. However, native species to Pennsylvania are not legal to …

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Technically you can release it anywhere. A trash can, toss it out the window while driving, garbage disposal, parking lot, whatever is closest. Releasing it into the wild isn’t an acceptable method of ridding yourself of a pet you decided to accept …

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The best option for dealing with an unwanted pet (if you can’t return it to the pet store), is to find it a new home. Use the resources listed here to locate reptile rescue groups, herpetological societies, and animal shelters – they will try to help you to place your pet in a new home. You can also post a newspaper or internet ad or post fliers at local pet stores or animal shelters. …

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Follow the steps below: Move the turtle out of harm’s way by CONTAINING it in a box. If you do not have a box, put it in any enclosed space available to you. The goal is to prevent an injured turtle from escaping into the wild and preventing it from suffering additional injuries. IF YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE SCENE RIGHT AWAY, TAKE THE TURTLE WITH …

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