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It is generally recommended to plan on 1.5 lbs per person. Depending on availability, we can provide pigs as large as 350 lbs, though we recommend no bigger than 250 lbs to roast whole. $7.95/lb for up to 149 lb carcass ($500 …

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Whole Roasting Pig

Welcome To Suckling Pigs Online Suckling Pigs Online

Welcome to Suckling Pigs Online

Suckling Pigs Online is brought to you by Dunstan Fish & Game. Why not try a suckling pig to offer something different at a special BBQ? If you have any special butchering requirements such as head off or cut to fit your oven, then please let us know and we’ll be happy to do that free of charge. In addition, we sell a wide variety of game …

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It is recommended that you order at least 1 week in advance for pick up orders. If you need a pig sooner please contact the farm. Pick up location is 3045 Mountain Rd Saylorsburg, PA 18353. Hours 10am-6pm Mon-Sat (closed Sun). Butterfly …

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Our many, many clients will tell you that if you come to Country Meat Cuts and Lucy’s kitchen for your pig roast needs, you will always be served a fabulous meal. Barbecue Pig Options. Based on a 100 Pound Pig, which will feed approximately …

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Whole Suckling Pig (40-50lb)

Whole Suckling Pig (40-50lb) $249.99 This is a whole suckling pig weighing approximately 40-50 pounds. Suckling pigs are called such because at the time of slaughter, they are still being fed with their mother’s milk. The suckling pig is …

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About buy whole pig near me. Find a buy whole pig near you today. The buy whole pig locations can help with all your needs. Contact a location near you for products or services. How to find buy whole pig near me. Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . Then press ‘Enter’ or Click ‘Search’, you’ll see …

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Roasting Pigs

200 lb live weight roastingpig, scalded & scraped – $384.00. 250 lb live weight roastingpig, scalded & scraped – $415.00. 300 lb live weight roastingpig, scalded & scraped – $450.00. Roasting Pigs. Must be remembered that these live weights are approximate. Even so, we will get as close to your specified ideal weight as we can.

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One of the most economical ways to buy meat is in bulk, direct from the farmer. Not only do you get to know the farmer and how the animal was raised, but you have the advantage of getting the meat butchered the way you want. At Froelich Farms, we sell retail cuts through our website, as well as half or whole hogs to local consumers.

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You can order by contacting us via our website, via social media or by telephone. If you prefer you can purchase our produce via the Dean Forest Food Hub – the …