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Sit Down Mri Locations Near Me

Upright MRI Of Deerfield Open Stand Up Stress Free MRI

The World’s Most Patient-Friendly MRI. A comfortable, stress-free, and completely reliable MRI scan. We offer patients an open, upright, standup MRI …

Washington Open MRI The World S Most Advanced MRI Scanner


Weight Bearing Stand Up Open MRI uniquely features Flexion-Extension, Sitting MRI high-field MRI equivalent images.

Upright Open MRI Avoid Claustrophobia Results In 24 Hours

Upright Open MRI

The Upright Open MRI scan is ideal for claustrophobic patients, those who struggle to lay flat for long periods, and those who are unable to fit comfortably …

Sit MRI Expert Mri


Sit MRI is a more comfortable patient imaging experience that combats the … us on our phone to schedule an appointment with the center nearest to you.


HMCA’s Open MRI centers deliver excellent patient care and provide state-of-the-art diagnostics. Offices located in New York and Florida.

About Open Upright MRI RAYUS Radiology

Open Upright MRI

An Open Upright MRI scanner is an alternative for patients who are claustrophobic, cannot lie down due to pain, or whose size prevents them from being …

East Bay Upright MRI


A Full Service MRI Facility Patient Comfort and Ease State of The Art Technology Welcome to East Bay Upright MRI – A FULL SERVICE MRI FACILITY …

Find A Stand Up MRI Near You

Florida Stand-Up MRI centers that provide Upright Multi-Positional diagnosis and comfort.Centers scan patients in position of the problem: sitting, standing …

Upright Open MRI Avoid Claustrophobia Affordable Pricing

Upright Open MRI

The Upright MRI is suitable to scan all parts of the body, especially the spine and joints, in the weight-bearing state. The scanner is fitted with an exclusive …

Upright MRI In New Jersey Atlantic Medical Imaging

For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing positions in their precise location of the symptoms or pain. The Upright® MRI has the ability to …