Car Wash Fundraiser Locations Near Me

Looking for a location near you is now easier than ever. Here, you can easily find the place you need.

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Car Wash Fundraiser Locations Near Me

Car Wash Fundraiser Tidal Wave Auto Spa


If you need to raise money for your group, look no further than Tidal Wave Auto Spa. You’ve never seen a car wash fundraiser like ours.

Fundraising Waterway Carwash

Waterway® Fundraising is your best bet! Selling Waterway car-wash coupons in your community is super easy because car washes are a highly valued and necessary …

Car Wash Fundraiser

Car Wash Fundraiser

A car wash fundraiser is a proven moneymaker in virtually every community. All you need are willing volunteers, a high-traffic location with good visibility …

Fundraising Mike S Carwash

Founded in 1948 in Fort Wayne, IN, Mike’s Carwash is a family-owned company based in Cincinnati, OH with locations in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

10 Car Wash Fundraiser Tips To Maximize Profits With Resources

10 Car Wash Fundraiser Tips to Maximize Profits [With Resources]

Planning a carwash fundraiser but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 tips to maximize revenue + helpful resources to get you started.

How To Hold A Fundraising Car Wash Nolo

Use an appropriate space. This preferably means one loaned by a gas station, car mechanic, tire company, barber shop, or other place with lots of hose hookups.

Fundraising Rocket Car Wash


Carwash Locations. Find a Rocket Carwash in a community near you. We have car wash locations in Omaha, Lincoln, Fort Worth and Pittsburgh …

DTRT Washington D C Trip Car Wash Fundraiser

DTRT Washington, D.C. Trip Car Wash Fundraiser!

DTRT Washington, D.C. Trip Car Wash Fundraiser! The 2016-2017 DTRT Special Recognition Winners were washing cars at Hialeah Gardens Middle to raise funds …

Fundraising The RIO Car Wash Partnership Program

One way to raise funds is our RIO Partnership Program which allows you to sell Manager’s Special car wash tickets for $20 each and keep 50% of the sales! This …

Car Wash Fundraiser Where Can You Hold One

Discount Auto Parts maybe? Ask around! I think the biggest thing is try to find a location that is busy or near a big road and ask for donations! :cool1 …